You’re a Process Person

When dealing with money, especially when it concerns someone’s retirement, you would assume there would be a paper trail of consent, right?

So colour me shocked when I recently found that my company’s HR person (who is one of those people you question why any employer would consider hiring) had, without my knowledge or consent, taken a portion of my paycheque and gave it to one of the big three banks in Canada to hold for my retirement over four months. YES to the company matching RSP contributions. NO to the idiot HR who “stole” from me.

I know you’re going to ask why I didn’t notice the deductions on my pay stub – two reasons. First, we have direct deposit, so I don’t make it a habit to log in to check the details of my pay stub. I go straight to my bank account to see that I get paid the same amount every two weeks. I did notice that the amount had slightly decreased and didn’t raise any concerns because … Second, one week prior, I had just completed my three-month probation and was given full access to health and dental benefits. I thought the lower salary I received was due to my benefits kicking in.

Four months go by and the HR person approached me at my desk and asked me the status of my RSP forms. I was confused as to why she was taking such as vested interest in my retirement. I told her some random bullshit that I didn’t have time to fill out the stack of paper and that I just came back from vacation. The HR person then tells me that all my money will have to be returned to me next payday because the bank can’t hold the money any longer.


Long story short, the HR person basically acted as my financial advisor and gave the green light to take money from me because I casually told her in passing that I was interested in joining the RSP program when she asked (I didn’t know our conversation was basically a verbal agreement). Never mind the consent form she handed out to confirm the percentage we wanted to take out, along with our signature agreeing to it (I never submitted any consent form or signed anything).

The HR person basically put the blame on me and used words like “You sounded so interested in the program, I didn’t want you to miss out on free money”. My favourite one is “I might’ve jumped the gun”. NO. You didn’t might’ve, you did. Own it.

And what really angered me the most was when she had the nerve to say to me: “I learned something about you today. You’re a process person”.

I walked out as I could feel my IQ itching to jump off a cliff the more I listened to her.

I filed a report and sadly the HR person is still a complete waste of space.

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