Food Prepping Isn’t For Me

On paper, prepping food for the week is sensible. Based solely on what I’ve read, you save time and money because you’re not wasting food since all the food is clearly laid out. Plus, you’re able to control your portion sizes.

In reality, I get anxious when I think of week-long food prep. I honestly feel it’s a big time-waster (and even money).

Hear me out before you chew me out (no pun intended). I can totally get behind meal preps, but my food taste and cravings change every day (even by the hour) based on my mood or time of day. If I prep my meals for the whole week, by day two I know I don’t want what I prepped. If I don’t want it, it’ll go to waste and then I’ll get mad for wasting food and money.

Am I wrong that food prepping for the week isn’t sustainable and that I’m missing out on something great? Let me know in the comments below.

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