When and How Do You Snack?

I love snacking. I could snack all day instead of the suggested three meals a day. But my question to you is when and how do you snack?

I’m a loud chewer. I don’t smack my lips when I eat, but I do chomp down on my food loudly. Is this okay? I have my own office (with a door) so I feel the loud chewing shouldn’t be an issue.

I justify the loud chewing because I’m really into the snacks I eat. And I’m not talking about almonds and trail mix, I’m talking dried mango slices, caramelized popcorn balls with a hint of sea salt, dried veggie chips, peanut butter apple slices, avocado on everything, and more.

When the snacks are that good, I’m really feeling it and it’s like I’m hypnotized by the sound of the crunch.

The downside? Because I love to snack more than eating proper meals, I tend to eat more than my fair share. Is this still okay or am I eating more calories than necessary?

Plus, my fridge is practically empty, other than fresh fruit and produce. Am I saving money on groceries or is buying snacks a money waster?

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