Contract Work Sucks Souls

A few days ago it hit me that contract work sucks souls. And I mean the type of contract work that you see on job boards with fine-print stating: with the possibility of extension or permanent employment. That phrase stares back at you with a devilish smirk because it knows your desperation will hit apply and you’ll slave your life away for the next six or 12 months hoping your boss will notice and reward your hard work with permanent employment. That’s the goal, right?

Yes, some lucky bastards will get rewarded with permanent employment but the reality is that most companies only need you to fulfill a certain role within a time frame and most companies have the upper hand in the outcome of contract work. Think about these scenarios:

  1. Contract employee cries sweat in hopes of permanent employment (It’s a 50-50 chance).
  2. Contract employee stays light every night only to be let go with no severance pay (sometimes).
  3. Contract employee is treated like an employee on payroll but may not be entitled to any vacation pay or pension contributions.
  4. Contract employee goes above and beyond only to be let go before contract ends (depending on the type of contract signed).

Professionally, this is the reality we live in where contract work is favoured by companies because it’s cheaper for them because … profits. It’s scary to not know when you’ll be let go. It’s scary to not know where your next job will come from. And let’s face it, it’s shit-in-your-pants scary because it messes with your psyche and ego.

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