How I Reacted to Getting Laid-Off the First Time

I was 22 years old and eight months fresh out of college when I was first laid-off from the lifestyle’s magazine I was working at. For colleagues who hear, it was pretty painless. Standard. Kind of boring, actually. But my ego was screaming ‘Say Whhaaattt?’.

My mind started firing off all the nasty words I wanted to share with my boss on how his management style sucked harder than a vacuum, he was a dinosaur and refused to adopt new trends, and that it should’ve been him to get laid-off and not me. I wanted to show that I could walk out with my head held high, but my flaming red cheeks betrayed me and revealed my intimidation and insecurity.
This was the reality check I needed because I was an insufferably smug classmate. I landed the magazine position one month before graduation and humble-bragged it into conversations I had with my classmates because I could. After the thousandth eye roll I got, we all graduated and I lost touch with them all.
When I got laid-off, I facebook-stalked my former classmates to see what they were all up to. The majority of them were excelling in their careers and doing exceptionally well, while I was sitting at my computer eating a whopping spoonful of humble pie.
Karma is real kids. And it’s a mean b*tch.

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