#ShitMyBossSays: January 18, 2018

Thank you, thank you for reading #ShitMyBossSays. You can catch up with the series here. Today’s scenario is highlighted by my absentmindedness. It’s on full display where I take full responsibility and a slap to the ego.

Context: One of my work responsibilities is to order and coordinate all production pieces to go to print and get delivered by a certain date and time. I needed to order some door decals so I emailed my boss asking if she wanted 12 individual pieces for all of our six entryways (two decals per entry as each entry had two doors). Her reply was succinct: two. For some reason, I interpreted this as my boss only wanting two decals in total, which I passed on to our vendor.
Thankfully the production house I chose wanted triple confirmation that this was indeed the number I wanted to order because they were familiar with our site and knew we have six entries. I confirmed the two decals with my boss in-person and she looked like she was ready to write me my pink slip.

#ShitMyBossSays: Really?! You think we should order two? We have six entries. You tell me how many you think we should order,

I walked out of her office with my face matching the colour of my lips. Nasty words were floating through my head, but in the end, all I could think about was how extremely grateful I was to the production house for saving my ass.

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