#ShitMyCoworkerSays: January 8, 2018

Like bosses, coworkers also say dumb shit. Like a lot of dumb shit. And the more people you work with, the number of dumb shit goes up – exponentially.

So, to honour my cowokers of past and present and the heaping pile of bull shit you feed me, I’m happy to document it all with #ShitMyCowokerSays.


Context: On my first day at my current job, myself and the “racist” white lady were invited out to lunch to meet our new department mates. When you look at them, it’s obvious that our they are an international bunch. So what does “racist” white lady say the moment she sits down at the table?

#ShitMyCoworkerSays: Wow! I’m the most Canadian person at the table.


If she didn’t suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome, she would know that there were three other Canadians sitting at the table with her.

One Caucasian, two Asians.


  1. […] If you read my post from a few days ago, I’m happy to announce that another Canadian was hired, although for a […]



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