#ShitMyBossSays: January 1, 2018

When people say dumb shit without thinking first, I mostly let it go because who knows how many words I’ve slaughtered as an ESL person and hoped that no one noticed. But when it’s someone in a position of authority and essentially determines your career trajectory, the arch in my eyebrows practically break off.

So, to honour my bosses of past and present and the heaping pile of bull shit you feed me, I’m happy to document it all with #ShitMyBossSays.


During one busy holiday season, a vendor invited me and some colleagues for lunch to thank us for the continued partnership. Reservations were made for 1:00 PM. I was aiming to leave at 12:15, which gave me enough time to start on the first draft for an upcoming holiday campaign. Just as 12:15 rolls around, I send what I started to my boss for review. I head to my car where I see an incoming email from my boss. I open it. BIG MISTAKE!

#ShitMyBossSays: Hey, can you bring your laptop to the restaurant and work on the edits I made?

I rolled my eyes and drove off. I was annoyed that she actually thought it would be appropriate to bring work to a place we were invited to relax, eat food, and enjoy the company. The kicker here is I had been working for my boss for more than seven months – I don’t even have a work laptop.

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